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Brillia Sample Room

Brillia Sample Room to Show Magic Clay products for Car wash and Care Tools; almost magic clay products and car clean tool in the sample room. let customers see the products easy.....

2022 sample room: 

2016 sample room: 

2013 sample room: 

We have been focusing the magic clay bar, and Extending different products. change the carrier and take different carriers.
After 2009, we were going to try take a carrier,that is sponge.   we take the clay to the sponge. 
than, we got a new type of clay products.  that is clay block.  clay pad, than to clay towel, and clay mitt; 
 when we change the clay bar, and improve the clay bar; we got different concept. also get different prodcuts.  
here our sample room like a clay museum, show clay bar history in the sample room......