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Magic Clay Bar Quality Improvement Report: 
Brilliatech has made many contributions and solved many problems in the car washing and care industry.

1) Brilliatech and Magic Clay Bar (Detailing Clay Bar).
2) Magic Clay Bar in China. 

3) Quality of Clay Bar and improve process; 
4) what contributions and problems did Brilliatech do? 

Brilliatech and Magic Clay Bar (Detailing Clay Bar):
Our boos and manager were work with Japanese company and work on the clay bar project.
and Brilliatech found in 2006, and starts on magic clay bar, and magic clay products. 
Brilliatech is the first coreactor of Magic Clay Bar in China, 

and you can try to search the key words" 洗车泥“ on baidu.com.   here attached. 
Brilliatech and magic clay have many many stories in China. 

Magic Clay Bar in China. 
Brilliatech has been work on magic clay bar, magic clay product since 2006. 
Brilliatech has witnessed the development of Magic Clay product in China for 20 years, also include car washing and care other products' developement in China and world. 
we appreciate all customer's support and feedback, let us keep the car washing and care industry 20years. and include in the future.
here times of clay products recoded in Brilliatech, also can click here for more information.
year of 2006: we starts the clay bar according to customer request, Thank you to our customers for pushing us forward, forward
year of 2009: after 2006, 3 years experience let us know build fine, meidum,and heavy grade of magic clay bar.  some item number is BT-2009.  that is why!  
and clay block concept in Brilliatech;  the first clay block was born, the all thanks the American customer. 
Year of 2012: based fine, medium, and heavy grade clay bar.  we more and more experience of the quality, let the clay bar in good quality, stayable and reusable; 
Year of 2013:  the patent of clay bar has expired, Brilliatech starts to sell magic clay bar around the world.  and also magic clay pad, clay towel, clay mitt, clay block. 

Year of 2015: New King grade clay bar was born, it is not only a clay bar, also a good performance clay bar, nice hand feeling, and also safety and stayable and reusable. 
Year of 2019:  Due to the increase in products(magic clay bar, clay block, clay mitt....), improving product quality is a key topic. How to let the clay smooth and fast to removal contaminant in quickly and safetily. 

year of 2023-2024:  we are building a new system, let clay bar more easy to use, and more easy and safety in transport process, more and more Industrial Automation.......

Quality of Clay Bar and improve process; 
Quality issue, when we talk about the quality of clay bar. 
the first of all, we have to know what is clay bar? and Why clay bar? 
In fact, we use the clay bar to removal contaminant,what the process like as sketch's rubber, soft eraser mud. the mud remove the pen's line, and keep the paper still like a new one.  

When we know the process of sketch'rubber, soft eraser mud, we will know what is the clay and why use the clay bar;  all clay bar of us, we keep a key rule. that is safety to remove contaminants from car paints; 
the magic clay bar like as the sketch's eraser mud, 
the car paints like as the sketch paper. 

Safety is the first quality feature, 

Remove is the second quality feature,

Weight, Shape, and Color are also quaity feature. 
but the package also important for the clay products.  

it is help to ship and delivery process......
Stock, Temperature and humidity, some features also inportand of clay bar quality.
So, our standard of clay products are around the quality feature to do. 

more detailing clay products' standand, please contact our project mananger Chris Jiang. 

Email: [email protected]

What contributions and problems did Brilliatech do? 
Brilliatech lead the magic clay bar in China, who is the first one work on the clay bar and clay products. and Build magic clay concept for Chinese drive and user.  
Brilliatech to push clay bar on marketing, and lead some trade company together....
Brilliatech to write how to use clay bar, and stock clay bar. 
Brilliatech to do standards for clay bar.
Brillaitech try to do a museum (repository) of clay products. 

What problems of clay bar sloved by Brilliatech; 
in 2006-2009;   

we sloved the stable feature of clay bar;  let the clay bar can use in wide temperature,and also better for shipping process and stock.  
in 2009-2012;  
we not only slove the stable temperature, also let the clay bar use in wide PH Acid alkali environment, So some clay bars can use with car cleaner together.  about PH 6.5-7.5. 
after 2015; 
our King clay bars keep good performance on the clay marketing. and more and more customer like Brilliatech Clay for OEM (custom clay products) 
in 2016-2019; 
custom clay is hot,  some cusotm like with orange smell, we help them to develop in orange color and orange smell.   
we try to push auto-machine for clay process, and package process; 

let worker cost down, to repair material cost up.  
also, try to push all new formula of clay bar and new process 
let clay bar keep a nice price and great quality.